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A green screen

Photo by Amanda Damelio As the theater lights dim and the screen illuminates, the Athena Cinema’s Sustainability Series begins to unfold. For the past six years, the biannual series hosted by Athens’ beloved local theater has inspired viewers to consider solutions to environmental issues and challenges. Twice a year, the Athena screens six films focused

Making game day sustainable

Photo by Jilly Burns It’s game day. Fans prepare themselves with hotdogs, hamburgers, chips and a few cases of their favorite beer. Meanwhile, their team is suiting up, blaring music and preparing to leave it all on the field. Fans might bring jackets to stay warm and athletes might wear ankle braces to protect themselves

Cleaning up “Dirty South”

Photo by Max Catalano In the heart of Appalachia, Ohio University is constantly seeking new ways to preserve the natural beauty that surrounds the 213-year- old campus. One way the university is working to build a more sustainable future is through the construction of new, environmentally friendly residence halls, particularly on South Green. The Office

Serving their responsibility

Photo by Max Catalano For many business owners in the Athens area, working in the food industry offers an opportunity to make an impact on the community with every dish they serve. Local chefs are increasingly buying food products with a sustainable conscience, and businesses such as Crumbs Bakery, 9 Tables and The Farmacy play

Reproduce, reuse, recycle

Photo by Amanda Damelio Condoms, menstrual products, sex toys and other personal care goods generally have two possible life paths. The products are purchased, used and eventually disposed of. But it’s how they’re disposed of that determines which path they take. It’s impossible not to see the signs. They take up almost every convenient wall

What the frack

Photo by Max Catalano On Dec. 13, the auction began. Nineteen parcels of land in Wayne National Forest were leased to the highest bidder for development of oil and natural gas wells. From an initial starting price of $2 per acre, some bids climbed to over $5,800 per acre. By the sale’s end, six drilling

The road to efficiency

Photo provided by Sarah Kaplan Athens County is in the middle of an upgrade. A new loan program for electric and hybrid vehicles is steering the community toward sustainability, creating a community of electric vehicle owners and a chance to win millions of dollars. UpGrade Athens, a project of the environmental resource group UpGrade Ohio,

Living as one

Photo by Maddie Schroeder Before hiking more than a mile to class each morning, junior Kelly Fernandez deposits the waste from her breakfast into the compost bin that sits on her front porch. Later, Fernandez will roll the bin to the vegetable garden along the side of her house and use the compost as fertilizer.

Designing to make a difference

Photo by Sarah Williams It’s 8 a.m. at Green Edge Gardens in Amesville, Ohio, and a cloud of fog lingers just above the top of 10 greenhouses. The sound of farmer Kip Rondy’s boots sinking into the damp, gravel-laden Earth complements the gentle pitter patter of raindrops hitting the tops of the greenhouses. He approaches