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Whether it’s to get into shape or to blow off some steam, spin classes are a great way to spend time strengthening muscles and enhancing endurance. Spin class, or...

Whether it’s to get into shape or to blow off some steam, spin classes are a great way to spend time strengthening muscles and enhancing endurance.

Spin class, or stationary cycling class, is a branch of highly-intensive interval training (HIIT) exercise that focuses on endurance and muscle strength within the legs and core. Because spin categorizes as a highly intensive training session, there are both benefits and risks that come with taking the class.

Most importantly, spin class helps boost cardiovascular endurance. The best way to build up endurance through spinning is through intervals, says Alex Grbcich, a fifth year student and spin instructor at Ohio University. Many spin instructors use intervals to relieve stress off of participants.

“I do intervals in my classes, and intervals is the best way to burn calories quicker, and you’re still burning after,” says Grbcich.

Spinning is also a versatile fitness program that can tailor to each individual cycler. The speed and resistance of the stationary bike can change at any point, so if a participant is feeling tired or needs to slow down, the option is available. Indoor cycling is a year-round activity, unlike many outdoor biking workouts, which provides participants a wider window to attend a class.

Even though cycling is available throughout all four seasons, the class is more popular during the winter months, specifically late December and early January.

For people wondering if spin is for them, the best thing to do is to try it out.

“It’s your workout. As the instructor, I have no idea how much resistance you have on your knob, so you need to take it at your own pace. For every class, you need to take it at your own pace,” Grbcich says.

Spin class can be great training, but it should be noted that there are many difficulties that can come up during or after a workout. If not carefully avoided, a high intensity workout can leave participants with lack of core development, lower back pain or even kidney strain. To avoid these, make sure to follow the instructor and to not overdo the training.

To get more information on spinning and other HIIT classes, check out https://www.ohio.edu/recreation/fitness/group.cfm or drop by Ping Recreation Center. Classes vary throughout each week, so also make sure to pick up a fitness schedule.

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