About Us


Backdrop is an entirely student-produced lifestyle magazine located the college town of Athens, Ohio. The magazine’s concept was created in a 400-level journalism class but was taken out of the classroom by the original Editor-in-Chief, Ashley Luther and fellow classmates. Founded in 2006, it is still an outlet for Ohio University students’ perspective on issues including politics, sex and health, entertainment and culture with regard to the university and its surroundings. Students are given the opportunity to gain real world experience as they take part in the writing, editing, advertising, and producing of a four-color glossy magazine. Readers are primarily students who take an interest in their peers and the community. Backdrop also provides student reviews of local restaurants, events, and bands, as well as keeping a critical eye on the happenings around Athens. The magazine is published twice a semester, and has a shelf life of several months. We are in our eighth year of publication.

Mission Statement

Our magazine represents the iconic flavor of college life, with Ohio University as our backdrop. It informs, intrigues, entertains and reflects its readers in the Athens community. The magazine covers the current issues, style, culture and feeling of college life as we live it.