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Cleaning up “Dirty South”

Photo by Max Catalano In the heart of Appalachia, Ohio University is constantly seeking new ways to preserve the natural beauty that surrounds the 213-year- old campus. One way the university is working to build a more sustainable future is through the construction of new, environmentally friendly residence halls, particularly on South Green. The Office

20th Century Women Review

Photo provided by Athena Cinema Premise 20th Century Women dissects the lives of a struggling mother and a confused teenage boy and then pieces them back together with the new, spunky people that enter into their lives. Raised in the Great Depression, the mother, Dorothea (Annette Benning), cannot understand why her son, Jamie (Lucas Jade

Spotlight on Black Sheep Improv

Photo by Emily Mittelstaedt “Toaster! Couch! Pillow!” The crowd screams at the start of a Black Sheep Improv show, along with countless others words that inspire the group’s comical, spontaneous performances. “We try to mix it up each show so it’s different for the audience,” says Ally Kuehn, a senior studying applied nutrition and member