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What the frack

Photo by Max Catalano On Dec. 13, the auction began. Nineteen parcels of land in Wayne National Forest were leased to the highest bidder for development of oil and natural gas wells. From an initial starting price of $2 per acre, some bids climbed to over $5,800 per acre. By the sale’s end, six drilling

ABLE to Succeed

The bell on the door chimes as someone enters The Work Station in The Plains, Ohio, but Chelsy Carr is focused on her task. Seated alone at a square meeting table, Carr flips open a new folder from the stack before her. She looks through it, then carefully prints another name and address on a

BonjOUr, Marching 110

Photo by Maddie Schroeder Dr. Richard Suk, director of the Marching 110, stands at the bottom of a filling lecture hall in Schoonover Center. Around him, members of the band take their seats, chatting as they remove their band jackets and set their instruments aside. Dr. Suk taps the microphone clipped to his shirt, and