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Tapping into the Craft Beer Market

Tapping into the Craft Beer Market

Photo by Max Catalano Standing behind the recently installed bar, Sean Kiser lifts a glass marked with the Eclipse Company Store logo to one of the beer taps as “Listen to the Music” by The Doobie Brothers plays in the background. He raises his left arm — appropriately tattooed with the word “home” with the

Reproduce, reuse, recycle

Photo by Amanda Damelio Condoms, menstrual products, sex toys and other personal care goods generally have two possible life paths. The products are purchased, used and eventually disposed of. But it’s how they’re disposed of that determines which path they take. It’s impossible not to see the signs. They take up almost every convenient wall

Priced Out

Photo by Noah Lewton Leslie Corbitt and her parents had done their research. They knew how quickly Athens hotels filled up, especially for event weekends, and they needed to book two rooms for Ohio University’s spring graduation. The Hampton Inn was the first to allow guests to make reservations on May 27, and the Corbitts

Testing the Water

Photo by Sarah Williams Incoming freshmen or students looking to participate in something new may be hesitant to join an organization after hearing it has just returned from a suspension. New students, especially those who weren’t on campus when the Ohio University men’s club water polo team was suspended in fall of 2013, might be

Escape Room

Photo by Max Catalano Ever wonder what it would be like to be locked in a room working against the clock with your stressed-out colleagues? And no, I don’t mean a typical day in the office. I mean 45 minutes in the Escape Room. In early April, a few of my fellow Backdroppers and I

Stitches in Time

Photo provided by Ohio University Libraries Archives & Special Collections In 1965, members of the Ohio University chapter of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity took their yearbook photo in dark suits, white shirts and dark ties that accentuated their crew cuts. Just over 10 years later in 1978, that same fraternity posed in T-shirts and

I Do, OU

The week of their wedding in October 2014, Sarah and Bryan Cassell found themselves driving under the gleam of a double rainbow on their way into Athens from Boston. When the Ohio University alumni took their wedding photos a few days later, a bald eagle flew by a few feet in front of them. Just

In Good Faith

Editor’s Note: This story appeared in Vol. 9, Issue 1 of Backdrop magazine.  Photos provided by Homestead U Construction, especially in Athens, is not typically met with enthusiasm or positive reactions. Students, professors and locals alike suffer through long periods of disruptive noises and route adjustments. However, many don’t consider how demolition affects the previous property owners.

South Green Upgrades

Originally printed in Vol. 8, Issue 3 Illustration by Amanda Weisbrod Athens is undeniably beautiful, but recently, the picturesque scenery has been bogged down by unsightly construction sites. Although tedious and seemingly never-ending, the developments are crucial to improving safety and efficiency on campus. With recent sexual-assault allegations and various electrical and heating problems in