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Designing to make a difference

Designing to make a difference

Photo by Sarah Williams It’s 8 a.m. at Green Edge Gardens in Amesville, Ohio, and a cloud of fog lingers just above the top of 10 greenhouses. The sound of farmer Kip Rondy’s boots sinking into the damp, gravel-laden Earth complements the gentle pitter patter of raindrops hitting the tops of the greenhouses. He approaches

Guilt-Free BSD

Photo by Natasha Ringnalda Bagel Street Deli, also known as BSD to avid bagel buyers, has been busting out sandwiches since 1993. With delicious bagelwiches, some for less than $6, it’s no surprise the line trails out the door and around the corner during the weekend lunch rush. More importantly, the bagel joint is transparent about

Faces throughout the Nation

  Photo by Max Catalano Ohio University junior Michael Mayberry took a semester off of school to travel more than 10 thousand miles over the course of six months. Throughout his travels, his focus was exploring the diversity among the American people. Averaging 55 miles per day, Mayberry conquered his expedition in a nontraditional manner

Ailment Abroad

I am dying. That’s the only plausible explanation for why I am feeling like this.  My chest is tight and aching, my throat feels like it has been gradually closing since I arrived, and my nose is so blocked that no oxygen seems to be traveling to my lungs. Worst of all, I feel like

Dish of the Week: OMG Rotisserie’s Candied Sweet Potatoes

Photo by Cheyenne Buckingham Warm, plump, sweet and tender, OMG Rotisserie’s candied sweet potatoes pair well with any one of its scrumptious chicken entrees or sandwiches. While only offered as a side, the sweet potatoes contribute to the soulful, southern spirit that OMG Rotisserie presents. And they are certainly not overlooked. “Sweet potatoes — whether you candy

In the Key of Healing

Editor’s note: Ashley Balasko is the writer’s roommate. This story also appeared in Vol. 9, Issue 2 of Backdrop magazine. Photos provided by Joseph Whitefeather A cool autumn breeze rustles the tops of the trees and nudges the current of Lake Snowden, producing a gentle hush on the mountainside of Albany, Ohio. It’s Sept. 11,

Sip of the Week: Donkey’s Butterbeer Latte

Photo by Cheyenne Buckingham As frigid mornings become routine and the warmth from the sunlight disappears at just 6 p.m., students scramble to classes with a warm beverage enclosed by their numb fingertips. This month, instead of the go-to drink being a nice, toasty cup of joe, a creamy, caramel delicacy can be found warming the

Holding His Own: Nate Ruess wows crowd in solo show

Photo by Maddie Schroeder Wednesday evening, Nate Ruess and The Band Romantic made history at Ohio University. They dominated the stage at Memorial Auditorium from 9 p.m. to 10:40 p.m., leaving the building with a record of three encores, something Ruess has never done before in his career. Only having performed two encores in a matter of