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Old thread, new stitches

Photo by Christian Goode Fast fashion is all the hype. But there’s a way around it. When I was young, my mom shopped at thrift stores for my clothes and would sometimes make things for special occasions. To refresh my memory on all of that, I called her to ask a few questions about an

Strength from Within

Photo by Emma Jenkins  During her junior year of high school, Nadeen Ali found herself struggling at her first attempt at yoga. Ali and her group of friends, who were dancers, decided to try the “Hot Powerful Flow” class at Inner Bliss Studio in Cleveland. It wasn’t quite what she expected. The class incorporates heat-generating

Behind his art: Loss and Revival

Photo by Emma Jenkins Down a side street in the art-filled neighborhood of La Boca in Buenos Aires stands a towering, red metal gate, securely locked. Behind the door, a narrow entrance leads back, opening up to the vibrant inside of Museo Conteillo. The color-blocked walls stretch high, filled to capacity with hanging plants, striking oil paintings, and sculpted

14 Fest Preview

Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for iHeartRadio / Turner) It’s a groundbreaking year in #Fest history. Featuring a brand new two-day event with overnight camping passes available, the #14Fest stage will become a platform for more artists than ever before. Outside of the main acts, #14Fest features Niykee Heaton, Slander, Nghtmre, and many more. #14Fest

Review: Cole Swindell wows Athens crowd

Photos by Maddie Schroeder Friday night, students, adults, and young children filed into Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium. Despite the age gap, the general attire of the crowd seemed to include a variety of flannels, denim jackets, cowboy boots and beaded jean pockets. The atmosphere inside was relatively calm as people sat back in their auditorium chairs

Athens Music Listings: March 7 – March 13

Photo provided by Water Witches Monday March 7 N/A Tuesday March 8 Celtic Session @ Jackie O’s – 8:30 p.m. Wednesday March 9 Open Stage @ Casa Nueva – 10 p.m. Thursday March 10 Donkey Musicians’ Open Stage @ Donkey Coffee – 8:00 p.m. The Revulvas + Wished Bone + Pasture Weeds @ Casa Nueva