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Following Big Footsteps

Following Big Footsteps

Photo by Jessica Koynock The forests of Southeast Ohio are home to a variety of common woodland critters, such as squirrels, deer and black bears. But some believe a certain hairy bipedal might also call the region’s wooded areas home. The Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigation (SOSBI) was founded in 2008 by a group of

Life of the Political Party

  David Parkhill President, Ohio University College Republicans  Junior studying business management   What did the College Republicans do to mobilize voters during the 2016 presidential election season? We register people to vote at meetings, but we realize that Athens is very liberal and that it’s mostly Democrats that we would be registering. … So,

Anomalisa Review

Photo provided by the Athena Cinema Premise In Charlie Kaufman’s latest mind-bending work, Anomalisa, Michael Stone (David Thewlis) is an acclaimed self-help author who perceives every person in his life, including his wife and young son, as having the same exact face and speaking in the same exact voice (Tom Noonan).  Until one day when Stone meets an anomaly

Rock the Kasbah Review

Photo provided by the Athena Cinema Premise Richie Lanz (Bill Murray) is a washed-up rock manager who along with his only client, lounge singer Ronnie (Zooey Deschanel), books a spot on the United Service Organizations’ touring show of Afghanistan. Upon arriving in Kabul, Afghanistan, Ronnie is quick to get cold feet and abandons Lanz, but not before