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Rocky Horror Picture Show Through the Eyes of a “Virgin”

Rocky Horror Picture Show Through the Eyes of a “Virgin”

It was a cold and rainy Friday night.  Strangers in lingerie whipped belts all around. We narrowly escaped the virgin sacrifice. This was Rocky Horror Picture Show seen from the eyes of a newbie, or as they would call it, a virgin. The Union Bar hosted the traveling show from Oct. 20 to Oct. 22 with students

Real Simple Delights: Superfood Acai Smoothie Bowl

Welcome to Real Simple Delights! We are two college students, Praveen Gopallawa and Chloe Graffeo, looking to bring you scrumptious recipe ideas that fuel your body with energy the right way, are affordable and can be made within the restrictions of a dorm room. Occasionally we will be bringing you recipes that can be made

Assurance at an unsure time

After applying to countless internships over the school year without any luck, I finally found a sense of relief after I woke up to an early morning phone call offering me a summer sports internship at amNewYork, a free daily newspaper in Manhattan. Prior to my internship, my story in Backdrop magazine’s spring issue from my

Introduction to ‘The Bobcat Year’

“Thank you,” I quietly mumbled as I took a giant magnet from the table and avoided direct eye contact with the girl on the other side. It’s my freshman year and I am lost in the ocean of fellow prospective 2016 graduates of Ohio University. I’ve been thrown into the winding paths of College Green,

A summer abroad

I always knew that I would eventually study abroad while in college. The idea of living in another country and experiencing a different culture for more than a week or two intrigues me. I have been lucky enough to travel overseas multiple times since the age of 6, but this summer was unlike any other