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Artists on display at Donkey Coffee

Artists on display at Donkey Coffee

Photos by Autumn Crouse As you walk through the red-framed door of Donkey Coffee and Espresso, you see two square canvases spattered with gold and copper paint accentuating an otherwise ordinary white wall. Upon a closer look, you realize in the center of the canvases are coyote skulls. The artwork are a few pieces from

A Streetcar Named Desire Drives Abuse Awareness

  Image provided by the Lost Flamingo Theatre Company Fasten your seat belts for the Lost Flamingo Theatre Company’s production of A Streetcar Named Desire. It is an intense ride. Written by Tennessee Williams in 1947, Streetcar follows troubled former schoolteacher Blanche DuBois, as she leaves small-town Mississippi and moves in with her sister, Stella Kowalski,

Theater Review: The Library

Photo provided by Ohio College of Fine Arts On Wednesday, two young students and a teacher were injured in a school shooting in South Carolina, according to reports; the same date marked the opening night of Ohio University Theater Division’s play, The Library. Written by Scott Z. Burns, The Library is a compelling drama about gun

Experiencing Culture through Movement

  Photo by Amanda Damelio The arts are more than just a form of expression; they are used to learn about different cultures. That belief takes center stage during the lessons music Professor Paschal Younge teaches to his students. Both Younge and his wife, Zelma Badu-Younge, associate professor of dance, share a passion for the

Theater Review: Marathon ’33

Photo provided by Ohio University College of Fine Arts Theater, like the arts in general, takes on many roles in society. On the surface, it entertains, bringing enjoyment to an audience. More often than not, it also informs. Plays and productions can serve as educational tools that explain concepts to an audience. When theater is

Theater Review: Rashomon

Photo by Jilly Burns Noh theater is a Japanese theatrical form that was developed during the 14th century. Rather than display feelings in a traditional way, Noh actors, adorned in stylized masks, were trained to convey emotions through minimalist actions and movements. The latest production of the Ohio University Theater Division, Rashomon, could have benefitted

Book Review: The Varmits: Living with Appalachian Outlaws

Photo provided by Inkwater Press In honor of Homecoming, here’s our review of a book any Bobcat might relate to. Originally published March 2013 Varmit, n. 1. Chiefly southeast Ohio U.S. Name of non-conforming, self-chosen outcasts who lived in Meigs County, Ohio, grew marijuana, raised fighting cocks, screwed women, listened to the Grateful Dead, drank beer, and

Theater Review: bobrauschembergamerica

Photo by Jilly Burns The way observers interpret the message of a piece of artwork varies significantly based on the subject of the creation and the opinions of those who view it. Some people like the ambiguity of modern art, while others prefer the clearness of more traditional paintings. This is no different in the

Curtain Call

Photos Provided by Sarah Siersyzn OU bids adieu to its performing arts haven in Cape Cod. It’s summertime in a sleepy New England town with cobblestone streets squeezed between quaint, locally-owned boutiques and American flag buntings draped over opened windows. Violet hydrangea plants spill over the pristinely manicured privet as if the setting of a Jodi