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Under the Gun

Under the Gun

Photo by Max Catalano Universities in Ohio were recently given the opportunity to choose whether to allow concealed carry weapons on their campuses. Although colleges have handled the issue in a number of ways, Ohio University students and staff had the chance to participate in the decision-making process. Part of the Student Senate Constitution passed

The Sound Crowd

Photo by Maddie Schroeder Sitting on a wheeled chair in the dimly lit campus studio, James Probel glides from the Rupert Neve 5088 mixing board to the desktop computer. He grabs the mouse and clicks play in the Logic Pro X software. The sound of bass guitar and drums played by the band Hawkins floods

History Shouts Back

Photo by Max Catalano Cardboard signs littered the ground at their feet. Their voices combined as they chanted and sang, finding comfort in each other and their unified convictions as they challenged the university to hear their demands. Though the chants and songs change with every protest, the spirit and determination of Ohio University students

What the frack

Photo by Max Catalano On Dec. 13, the auction began. Nineteen parcels of land in Wayne National Forest were leased to the highest bidder for development of oil and natural gas wells. From an initial starting price of $2 per acre, some bids climbed to over $5,800 per acre. By the sale’s end, six drilling

Designing to make a difference

Photo by Sarah Williams It’s 8 a.m. at Green Edge Gardens in Amesville, Ohio, and a cloud of fog lingers just above the top of 10 greenhouses. The sound of farmer Kip Rondy’s boots sinking into the damp, gravel-laden Earth complements the gentle pitter patter of raindrops hitting the tops of the greenhouses. He approaches

A Mid-Major Dilemma

Photo by Maddie Schroeder Saul Phillips leans back with ease in his swivel chair and extends his right arm toward the shoulder of his daughter, Jordan, or Jojo, as he calls her. Phillips’ hand lands gently on the 12-year-old, but his hand and expression tenses as he discusses his future as the coach of the

Priced Out

Photo by Noah Lewton Leslie Corbitt and her parents had done their research. They knew how quickly Athens hotels filled up, especially for event weekends, and they needed to book two rooms for Ohio University’s spring graduation. The Hampton Inn was the first to allow guests to make reservations on May 27, and the Corbitts

Strength from Within

Photo by Emma Jenkins  During her junior year of high school, Nadeen Ali found herself struggling at her first attempt at yoga. Ali and her group of friends, who were dancers, decided to try the “Hot Powerful Flow” class at Inner Bliss Studio in Cleveland. It wasn’t quite what she expected. The class incorporates heat-generating

ABLE to Succeed

The bell on the door chimes as someone enters The Work Station in The Plains, Ohio, but Chelsy Carr is focused on her task. Seated alone at a square meeting table, Carr flips open a new folder from the stack before her. She looks through it, then carefully prints another name and address on a

Faces throughout the Nation

  Photo by Max Catalano Ohio University junior Michael Mayberry took a semester off of school to travel more than 10 thousand miles over the course of six months. Throughout his travels, his focus was exploring the diversity among the American people. Averaging 55 miles per day, Mayberry conquered his expedition in a nontraditional manner