2015-2016 articles

International Flavor, Local Ingredients

International Flavor, Local Ingredients

  Photo by Amanda Damelio Customers who step into Restaurant Salaam are transported to a place so bold and different it feels like another world. Or at least another country. Thick tapestries drape from the walls, each marked by brilliant color and crafted jewels. Long square rugs cover the floor, their unique patterns bearing a

Family Takes the Field

Photo by Spencer Hawk It’s the 1980s, and the Ohio softball team takes the field against Eastern Michigan. Rona Huber stands at first base, ready for the next play. The batter squares up for a bunt and the ball pops into the air. Huber sprints toward the plate; the catcher goes up for the catch.

Faces throughout the Nation

  Photo by Max Catalano Ohio University junior Michael Mayberry took a semester off of school to travel more than 10 thousand miles over the course of six months. Throughout his travels, his focus was exploring the diversity among the American people. Averaging 55 miles per day, Mayberry conquered his expedition in a nontraditional manner

Interlaced with Community

Photo by Jilly Burns The single-family home at 379 Elizabeth St. is the 15th house constructed through the Habitat for Humanity program in Nelsonville, Ohio. However, when the build began in 2013, the project presented a new experience for Athens County’s Habitat branch. It was the first of the local initiatives to be sponsored by

Paws on Patrol

Photo by Sarah Williams It isn’t the handguns, Taser guns or other weapons used by police that are most effective in taking down a criminal or suspect. It’s a jet-black, wet nose. Don’t be fooled by its cuteness — that animal is here to work. Since the Athens Police Department’s K-9 unit became defunct in August

Stitches in Time

Photo provided by Ohio University Libraries Archives & Special Collections In 1965, members of the Ohio University chapter of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity took their yearbook photo in dark suits, white shirts and dark ties that accentuated their crew cuts. Just over 10 years later in 1978, that same fraternity posed in T-shirts and

Students in Distress

  Wake up — time for class. Grogginess and a complete lack of motivation falls over his resting body like a thick wool blanket. While listing off countless responsibilities and commitments for the day ahead of him, knots of anxiety and tension form in his chest from the mere thought of having to leave his

Just a Pizza History

Photo by Sarah Wagner *Editor’s note: After reporting on the story concluded, the writer was offered and accepted a job at Franco’s Pizza. Biting into a slice of New York-style pizza from Franco’s Pizza is like entering into a new chapter of Athens history. Instantly, each taste bud gives over to complete euphoria as the

Keeping OU Accountable

  When Kody Seeger received an invitation from senior lecturer Christine Yost to apply for the SOX 404 Fellows program, he didn’t think anything of it. But after asking around his junior-level accounting course, he realized he was one of a handful of students offered the opportunity to assist in auditing the Ohio University Foundation.

Off the Court, In the Books

  Photo provided by Ohio Athletics *Editor’s note: The writer works as a sports information assistant for Ohio Athletics Travel, compete, study, sleep and repeat. That is the life of a student-athlete. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that college athletes are students, too. For many student-athletes, managing classroom responsibilities while their sports are in season