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Reproduce, reuse, recycle

Reproduce, reuse, recycle

Photo by Amanda Damelio Condoms, menstrual products, sex toys and other personal care goods generally have two possible life paths. The products are purchased, used and eventually disposed of. But it’s how they’re disposed of that determines which path they take. It’s impossible not to see the signs. They take up almost every convenient wall

Controlling the Cravings

Photo by Amanda Damelio  Many students begin each new school year with vows to get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle. Goals such as going to the gym more than twice a year, cooking food instead of eating out and loading up on veggies instead of Wings Over Athens for lunch might be key

Student-Parenting 101

The quiet morning air is pierced by the sound of a pounding bassline coming from the apartment above Ashley Beatty-Smith’s. It’s fall 2012, and the party going on upstairs is causing the walls to shake. She rolls over and glares at the alarm clock that reads 5 a.m. She jumps out of bed at the

Students in Distress

  Wake up — time for class. Grogginess and a complete lack of motivation falls over his resting body like a thick wool blanket. While listing off countless responsibilities and commitments for the day ahead of him, knots of anxiety and tension form in his chest from the mere thought of having to leave his

Performance Ready

Editor’s Note: This story originally appears in Vol. 9, Issue 2 of Backdrop magazine. Photo by Oliver Hamlin Gabrielle Frecier, wearing her Marching 110 practice uniform, hobbles as fast as her crutches can take her down the third floor of Putnam Hall. She turns into The Clinic for Science and Health in Artistic Performance (SHAPe

Fad Diets, Bad Diets

Editor’s Note: This story appeared in Vol. 9, Issue 1 of Backdrop magazine.  Photo by Kristen Olidges Dieting: a word that is all too common in the 21st century. Moms diet, brothers diet, girlfriends diet — even dogs diet. It seems as though dieting has become in- grained into our culture almost as much as eating has. Between celebrities,

Raise your spirits

Photo by Katie Moore It’s a Saturday morning and your party animal self is draped over the toilet, swiping through the pictures on your phone, attempting to piece together what on earth happened last night. It’s a joke to think you’ll get anything done today; the only catching up you are going to be doing