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Set for Nationals

Set for Nationals

Photo by Maddie Schroeder In 2013, the Ohio University women’s club volleyball team won a Division IAA National Tournament title at the National Collegiate Volleyball Federation Championships in Dallas, Texas. Since that monumental win, the subsequent squads have come to expect that their members will carry on the team’s winning reputation. “I don’t particularly appreciate

Making game day sustainable

Photo by Jilly Burns It’s game day. Fans prepare themselves with hotdogs, hamburgers, chips and a few cases of their favorite beer. Meanwhile, their team is suiting up, blaring music and preparing to leave it all on the field. Fans might bring jackets to stay warm and athletes might wear ankle braces to protect themselves

Transition in Leadership

Photo by Maddie Schroeder  Kiyanna Black began her collegiate basketball career as the third leading scorer on one of the worst squads the Ohio University women’s basketball team had ever seen. Before she notched her place in the record books as the second-highest scorer in program history and the leader in most 3-point field goals

A Mid-Major Dilemma

Photo by Maddie Schroeder Saul Phillips leans back with ease in his swivel chair and extends his right arm toward the shoulder of his daughter, Jordan, or Jojo, as he calls her. Phillips’ hand lands gently on the 12-year-old, but his hand and expression tenses as he discusses his future as the coach of the

Testing the Water

Photo by Sarah Williams Incoming freshmen or students looking to participate in something new may be hesitant to join an organization after hearing it has just returned from a suspension. New students, especially those who weren’t on campus when the Ohio University men’s club water polo team was suspended in fall of 2013, might be

A Close-Net Family

Photo provided by Ohio Athletics During the college volleyball recruitment process, coaches look for players who excel in several areas such as athleticism, strength and technique. But to Ohio University’s volleyball coach Deane Webb, those attributes come second to his most important recruiting rule. “I will not recruit you unless you can be a role

Family Takes the Field

Photo by Spencer Hawk It’s the 1980s, and the Ohio softball team takes the field against Eastern Michigan. Rona Huber stands at first base, ready for the next play. The batter squares up for a bunt and the ball pops into the air. Huber sprints toward the plate; the catcher goes up for the catch.

Off the Court, In the Books

  Photo provided by Ohio Athletics *Editor’s note: The writer works as a sports information assistant for Ohio Athletics Travel, compete, study, sleep and repeat. That is the life of a student-athlete. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that college athletes are students, too. For many student-athletes, managing classroom responsibilities while their sports are in season

Making Strides Overseas

As he walked off the court in St. Louis, Missouri, during the Sweet 16 round of the 2012 NCAA Basketball Tournament, Nick Kellogg realized his talent stood out on one of the sport’s biggest stages. “That was a pretty big moment for myself,” Kellogg says. “I’ve never said this to anybody, but I just feel