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Dish of the Week: Village Bakery’s Huevos Rancheros

Dish of the Week: Village Bakery’s Huevos Rancheros

Photo by Hannah Klein The Village Bakery and Café is an oasis of comfort on East State Street. The front display case shows dozens of freshly baked treats, and behind the counter is a warm, bustling kitchen. In addition to pastries, there are several brunch options available during the week. The Village Bakery prides itself


Old thread, new stitches

Photo by Christian Goode Fast fashion is all the hype. But there’s a way around it. When I was young, my mom shopped at thrift stores for my clothes and would sometimes make things for special occasions. To refresh my memory on all of that, I called her to ask a few questions about an


Cleaning up “Dirty South”

Photo by Max Catalano In the heart of Appalachia, Ohio University is constantly seeking new ways to preserve the natural beauty that surrounds the 213-year- old campus. One way the university is working to build a more sustainable future is through the construction of new, environmentally friendly residence halls, particularly on South Green. The Office


Serving their responsibility

Photo by Max Catalano For many business owners in the Athens area, working in the food industry offers an opportunity to make an impact on the community with every dish they serve. Local chefs are increasingly buying food products with a sustainable conscience, and businesses such as Crumbs Bakery, 9 Tables and The Farmacy play


The road to efficiency

Photo provided by Sarah Kaplan Athens County is in the middle of an upgrade. A new loan program for electric and hybrid vehicles is steering the community toward sustainability, creating a community of electric vehicle owners and a chance to win millions of dollars. UpGrade Athens, a project of the environmental resource group UpGrade Ohio,

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Living as one

Photo by Maddie Schroeder Before hiking more than a mile to class each morning, junior Kelly Fernandez deposits the waste from her breakfast into the compost bin that sits on her front porch. Later, Fernandez will roll the bin to the vegetable garden along the side of her house and use the compost as fertilizer.


Saving and spending on a college budget

Photo by Maddie Schroeder Saving money in college is a challenge when it’s already spread thin across textbooks, groceries, going out with friends and emergency expenses. But people, even notoriously broke college students, can save money as easily as they spend it. Andy Fodor, chair of the finance department in Ohio University’s College of Business,