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Tapping into the Craft Beer Market

Tapping into the Craft Beer Market

Photo by Max Catalano Standing behind the recently installed bar, Sean Kiser lifts a glass marked with the Eclipse Company Store logo to one of the beer taps as “Listen to the Music” by The Doobie Brothers plays in the background. He raises his left arm — appropriately tattooed with the word “home” with the

Serving their responsibility

Photo by Max Catalano For many business owners in the Athens area, working in the food industry offers an opportunity to make an impact on the community with every dish they serve. Local chefs are increasingly buying food products with a sustainable conscience, and businesses such as Crumbs Bakery, 9 Tables and The Farmacy play

Sip of the Week: Donkey’s Butterbeer Latte

Photo by Lilli Sher Cold weather, impending exams and general fatigue can make anyone crave a reprise. Ohio University students can pretend they’re enjoying a drink in the fictional village of Hogsmeade from Harry Potter with Donkey Coffee’s Butterbeer Latte. Made with steamed milk, espresso, Irish cream, salted caramel, hazelnut flavoring and sprinkled with cinnamon,