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Escape Room

Photo by Max Catalano Ever wonder what it would be like to be locked in a room working against the clock with your stressed-out colleagues? And no, I don’t mean a typical day in the office. I mean 45 minutes in the Escape Room. In early April, a few of my fellow Backdroppers and I

Ailment Abroad

I am dying. That’s the only plausible explanation for why I am feeling like this.  My chest is tight and aching, my throat feels like it has been gradually closing since I arrived, and my nose is so blocked that no oxygen seems to be traveling to my lungs. Worst of all, I feel like

The Unglamorous Side of Traveling

Travel is not glamorous. That’s the best way I can possibly describe the summer I spent in Nepal. Living in the small, landlocked country tucked between China and India came with a whole slew of challenges, but nothing could compare to the day I encountered a Nepali ice cube. Stepping into Nepal is like stepping

What I wish I knew before I transferred

Photo provided by the author Nearly every college student dreads the same question at family gatherings: “Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?” My family has heard the same “no” from me every year, so they hounded me with another question instead: “Have you figured out what school you’re going to transfer to yet?” is went

Backdrop Q & A: Ryan Lombardi

Photo provided by Ohio University. Interview transcription by Briana Ekanem.  Ryan Lombardi, Ohio University’s vice president for the past seven years, is moving onto Cornell University in just a few days time. During his career as a Bobcat, Lombardi has changed the way students think about administration at a university. Along with Jenny Hall-Jones, Lombardi was

Broken Mirrors: Calling Out the Fault in Beauty Affirmation

The beam of the mirror bounces off of two cheekbones. Delicately tinted lenses cover the bright bulbs surrounding the mirror, providing a shade for each occasion: day, evening, office, home. Each tint bathes the skin of the face in a different shade, reorganizing the shadows on the surface reflecting back. Every glint whispers, “Swipe on

Ladies, Gents and Their Two Cents: Drunk Dining

Men and women don’t always see eye-to-eye when it comes to eating while inebriated. Here’s what two of our writers had to say about OU’s uptown establishments: Alexis Johns writes, Let’s face it, weekend plans are limited in Athens, Ohio. There are two main options other than Netflix and Fun Barn: house parties and the bar scene. Students