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A Space to Heal

When she was 23 years old, Moriah Haught realized she needed to break free from the downward spiral of her drug addiction. She fell into the party scene in high school, continued using drugs and alcohol in college and eventually regularly used heroin and other drugs. After she was arrested in 2015, Haught acknowledged that

Dustin Lynch gives Athens “One Hell of a Night”

Photos by Maddie Schroeder Despite the bleak weather outside, country fans flocked to campus Friday night to see country artist Dustin Lynch perform. The show started off with a bang and didn’t falter for a second. The lively music was accompanied by spectacular special effects involving strobe lights and fog. Opening for Lynch was Tyler

Saving and spending on a college budget

Photo by Maddie Schroeder Saving money in college is a challenge when it’s already spread thin across textbooks, groceries, going out with friends and emergency expenses. But people, even notoriously broke college students, can save money as easily as they spend it. Andy Fodor, chair of the finance department in Ohio University’s College of Business,

Elle King Takes the Stage at Ohio University

Photos by Maddie Schroeder The Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium was abuzz Tuesday night with excitement and anticipation as concertgoers waited for Elle King to take the stage. Country singer Paul Cauthen opened for King with a selection of songs primarily from his album My Gospel. He greeted the crowd with a charming, “How y’all doin’,”

Dish of the Week: Fluff’s Bacon Pretzel Wonderland

Photo by Marie Chailosky You know a sandwich is really good when one or more of the following things happen: You can’t stop saying, “This is so good” between bites, eating the sandwich transports you into another world, and/or an ingredient that used to scare you now excites you. I experienced all three of those

Spotlight on Black Sheep Improv

Photo by Emily Mittelstaedt “Toaster! Couch! Pillow!” The crowd screams at the start of a Black Sheep Improv show, along with countless others words that inspire the group’s comical, spontaneous performances. “We try to mix it up each show so it’s different for the audience,” says Ally Kuehn, a senior studying applied nutrition and member

Daya and PUBLIC Don’t Let Athens Crowd Down at Concert

Photos by Maddie Schroeder The Temple-Blackburn Memorial Auditorium was full of excitement Thursday night when pop star Daya came to town. Before Daya took the stage, and before the opening band PUBLIC began its set, the auditorium buzzed with energy. Cincinnati-based band PUBLIC, which opened for Daya, quickly got the crowd on their feet. Band members

International Game Changer

Photo by Maddie Schroeder Politely making his way through the Front Room coffee rush for his interview, Thushan Wickramasinghe perfectly blends into the crowd of caffeine-hungry students waiting in line for their drinks. The black and green Ohio University rugby hoodie he wears proudly is the only indication of his involvement with the sport. His