Dish of the Week: Casa Nueva’s Seasonal Smackdown

Photo by Logan Moore

Have you been getting tired of the classic dining hall dessert options? A warm brownie topped with Latte Custard, served with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and Créme Anglaise may be a new option for you. It may be cold outside, but the warm brownie and paired coffee custard is smooth and creamy.

Though many people know Casa Nueva solely for its Mexican-inspired entrées, the restaurant’s menu includes this hidden dessert full of gooey goodness.

The name doesn’t fall short of the many qualities this dish possesses. The Seasonal Smackdown takes on different shapes throughout the year. Winter versions in the past have included hints of brown sugar and maple. Summer versions often include strawberry ice cream and lime tequila flavors.

Casa’s dessert menu differs from most because it offers vegan selections as well. Other options provide a variety for all tastebuds and can be ordered on their own, or can replace the brownie in the Smackdown.

“I think one thing a lot of our customers miss here is that all of our ingredients come from in house,” Casa owner and part-time cook Alicia Cordell says.

Cordell stresses the importance of buying local ingredients to fund businesses in the community. The ingredients, from appetizers to desserts, come from local farms.

Dessert options are based on the chef’s choice. Although every week provides a version of the Smackdown, there are other options as well. One features coffee cake, cheesecake and as always, a vegan option if you feel the Smackdown isn’t for you.

Casa Nueva is located at 6 W State St. They can be reached at (740) 592-2016 or online at