Dropping In: Victoria’s Secret

Angels, wings, lingerie, swimwear and fragrance: all things that hardly fit my tomboy personality and all the things I immersed myself in for 10 weeks. Thanks to the power...

Angels, wings, lingerie, swimwear and fragrance: all things that hardly fit my tomboy personality and all the things I immersed myself in for 10 weeks. Thanks to the power of Bobcat networking, I was asked to come in for an interview with Victoria’s Secret’s social media marketing team. I drove to my interview in Columbus nervous and unsure if I would fit in but drove away crossing my fingers that I would get the position. Before I knew it, I was committed to living in Columbus for the summer and waking up early for intern orientation.

On that first day, all interns gathered for an exciting introduction of the company. Even without the incredibly fun carnival — oversized PINK dog, angel wings, a PINK vending machine and amazing food included — it was made clear from the start that interns were unequivocally treated as full-time associates. We were eligible to participate in sample sales, office events and team Pelotonia (cancer fundraisers). My personal favorite perk? Food Truck Fridays. At the end of the week, three or four food trucks were brought to the office for lunch. From Gigi’s Cupcakes to the Cheesy Truck, I was outside every Friday afternoon for a treat.

All of this underscores the idea that happy employees make for a successful company. I had endless opportunities to network with several people from different departments, and one obvious takeaway from each meeting was these members’ sincere passion for the company. While the company culture stimulates ambitious, hard-working employees, everyone is also genuine and willing to teach. Victoria’s Secret offered a leadership series for interns to create Q&A opportunities with various department leaders. The statement that resonated with me during this series was “Do good while you’re doing well.” It all fits into the benevolent nature of the company as a whole.

Aside from the impressive culture and networking opportunities, I learned more than I could have imagined. Within a day, I was sitting in on a fashion show brainstorming session and learning how to utilize Victoria Secret’s Pinterest account. My team allowed me to take initiative in different areas, answered all my questions and encouraged me to touch base with other professionals. There was never a time where I was afraid to speak up or ask a question. They took my perspective and ideas to heart, some of which were even successfully implemented. I had the opportunity to research and present two different projects. For one of these projects, I was able to take a day-trip to New York City via the LBrands jet. My experience ended with an extremely detailed review where they explained what I did well and what opportunities I could pursue.

All in all, working for Victoria’s Secret was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had. The last day was the definition of bittersweet. Although I was incredibly sad to leave after an insightful summer, I can only hope it’s more of a “see you later.” For now, I am happy to be back in Athens for one last round.

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