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Editor’s note: Soulvaki’s section written by Haley Dake The transition from high school to college has been a well-documented journey for many years. Everyone knows the changes that students go...

Editor’s note: Soulvaki’s section written by Haley Dake

The transition from high school to college has been a well-documented journey for many years. Everyone knows the changes that students go through during their college careers. They learn how to become a grown-up, how to speak new languages and how to treat a hangover from hell. However, fresh off of the days that drinking 4 Lokos in their parents’ basements were cool, they are introduced to the phenomenon that is “Drunk Food” when they step foot on campus. The name says it all, its food that you eat when you’re drunk, and Athens has plenty of establishments that specialize in this type of food. While you’re sober, read about the places that are on and around Court Street so you can inevitably stumble to them during a night out.

Big Mamma’s

If you’re craving a late night burrito, Big Mamma’s is the only place around to get one. Even if there were competitors in the same market, you would still probably end up here. At Big Mamma’s, burritos are ordered by name, rather than telling the server what you want in your meal one ingredient at a time. The Chipotle Ranch Mamma is one of the most common burritos ordered, but there are plenty of others that can satisfy your taste buds, such as the Chili Mamma, the Breakfast Mamma and the Philly Mamma.


Good may be an understatement. This pizza joint has two locations. One can be found on Union Street, while the other can be found right in the thick of things on Court Street. For $5, you can order two slices and a drink, perfect for a late night meal after a night meal after a night out. If you think two slices won’t fill you up, guess again. Each slice is so big that it requires two hands to eat. So, don’t plan on frolicking around Court Street after you visit Goodfella’s.


O’Betty’s takes an American classic to a whole new level. Gourmet hotdogs can be found at this small, hole in the wall restaurant just off of the main drag. You may think that a hotdog can’t fill you up, but wait until you see the toppings that are thrown onto these wieners.  Not to go unnoticed, the chili cheese fries at O’Betty’s are top notch as well. For a few bucks, you can have a handful of fresh cut fries topped with chili, cheese and sour cream, just waiting to be stuffed into your drunken face.

Chicken and Waffle

You’ve never had anything like it. Imagine a breaded chicken breast, topped with a slice of cheese, a couple slices of bacon and a special sauce that would drive Plankton insane trying to figure out the recipe. All of this is placed between two waffles, to create one of the most famous late night eats in Athens. Here’s a helpful tip: make sure you ask for “extra sauce.” It’s an extra fifty cents but it’ll be the best two quarters you’ve ever spent.

Wings Over

With over 20 different sauces, Wings Over is heaven for chicken wing lovers. The boneless wings are more like tenders in size, filling you up to the brim with every order. A side of waffle fries is a great way to end the night along with an order of wings. If you think there are too many sauce choices to choose from, go ahead and split your order up between two difference sauces. Cajun Terriyaki, Cruisin’ Altitude and Honey-Barb-B-Que are all great choices before you stumble home for the night. You also order once you get back to your dorm room.

DP Dough

One of the only places in Athens that offers great drunk food, even though you can’t walk to it. Don’t let the delivery fee push you away from these calzones. At an affordable price, and delivering until 4 a.m., DP Dough will fill you up without a doubt. If you find yourself going up on a Tuesday and searching for something to eat past midnight, don’t fret. DP Dough offers $5 calzones if you order the Zone of the Day on any given Tuesday and they deliver.


As one of the oldest eateries in Athens, Soulvaki’s provides a greater amount of variety than any other late night food spot in town. With menu options ranging from fried calamari and traditional hummus to corn dogs and French fries, it’s impossible not to find something that you like. The highlights of the extensive menu are easily debatable; everyone has a favorite because there is just so much to choose from. The deep-fried hot pepper cheese bites served with ranch are widely popular among drunken Bobcats. Deep-fried pickles also make an appearance on the menu as well as a classic cheeseburger that contains just the right amount of grease to save you from a raging headache the morning after a long night on Court Street. Of course you can’t go wrong with the signature gyro, which can be made with double meat, also known as a “Brute.” In your quest for late night munchies it would be unjust to not try out the quirky, unique and delicious menu at Soulvaki’s at least once during your college experience.


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