Jeff Hall Renovations Create Multipurpose Space For Students

A golden sign on the front of the building marks its relative antiquity to the current students at Ohio University — “1956.” Upon entering, however, that notion is quickly...
photo by Alex Laflin

A golden sign on the front of the building marks its relative antiquity to the current students at Ohio University — “1956.” Upon entering, however, that notion is quickly silenced. Despite what the sign says, Jefferson Hall on East Green is a masterwork of some of the most modern residence space on campus.

The first thing a visitor’s eye may be drawn to is the new Jefferson Market, a hub of activity that presents alternative options to students looking to venture outside of the dining halls . The market boasts fresh food options, as well as snacks and drinks that are perfect for a grab n’ go meal. This concept is simple for students because of its accessibility and speed.

Attached to the market is The Ohio Café and Steeped & Stirred, shops that serve coffee and tea to thirsty students.

There is a small room off to the side of Jeff Market with fancy food-prepping stations and video cameras, which looks ready for Gordon Ramsay or Bobby Flay to step out and work their magic. As it turns out, this is The Culinary Studio, a product of the combined work of the Scripps College of Communications and the Patton College of Education. This facility is place for students for learn skills of preparing food live on camera.

Speaking of food, Jeff Hall also houses Brick City Deli, which according to frequent visitor Katie Messner, serves the premier sandwiches on campus. “I was hesitant to try it, because the lines were always so long,” she says.

Jeff Market, home of fresh produce and on-the-go meals. Photo by Alex Laflin.

This could be the case for many of Jeff’s features, but the deli has established itself as a campus favorite, and Katie “gets it every time” she has a chance. Evidently, none of the students in Jeff are going hungry (or thirsty).

But the appeal of this building goes far beyond culinary options—students need to spend some time elsewhere. There are a plethora of places to settle for comfy sitting space to spend an afternoon at work. For some privacy, the hallways have private study areas and conference rooms for group work as well. These are individually hooked up with tables (and often televisions) for anything a student could need.

For recreation, usually students will choose to find their way out of the residence hall, but Jefferson Hall makes it tough to do just that. The rooms are hooked up to televisions—huge ones—perfect for group watch parties. The hall also boasts a game room, complete with pool table, ping pong table and a movie theatre-esque screen that can be connected to gaming systems.

The one qualm residents could possibly have with their hall is an overcrowded mailroom that often creates traffic for everyone. However, this problem is hardly an extreme inconvenience. 

“The line goes outside the door and works really well to keep the flow of the mailroom moving,” says Alec Ring, East Green resident.  

It is clear that Jefferson Hall is a marvel on campus. If this upgrade is a path that other residence halls will soon be following in, room and board costs may rise, but future Ohio University students will likely be  pleased with their living space.


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