Living as one

Photo by Maddie Schroeder Before hiking more than a mile to class each morning, junior Kelly Fernandez deposits the waste from her breakfast into the compost bin that sits on her front porch. Later, Fernandez will roll the bin to the vegetable garden along the side of her house and use the compost as fertilizer.

Designing to make a difference

Photo by Sarah Williams It’s 8 a.m. at Green Edge Gardens in Amesville, Ohio, and a cloud of fog lingers just above the top of 10 greenhouses. The sound of farmer Kip Rondy’s boots sinking into the damp, gravel-laden Earth complements the gentle pitter patter of raindrops hitting the tops of the greenhouses. He approaches

Dustin Lynch gives Athens “One Hell of a Night”

Photos by Maddie Schroeder Despite the bleak weather outside, country fans flocked to campus Friday night to see country artist Dustin Lynch perform. The show started off with a bang and didn’t falter for a second. The lively music was accompanied by spectacular special effects involving strobe lights and fog. Opening for Lynch was Tyler

Saving and spending on a college budget

Photo by Maddie Schroeder Saving money in college is a challenge when it’s already spread thin across textbooks, groceries, going out with friends and emergency expenses. But people, even notoriously broke college students, can save money as easily as they spend it. Andy Fodor, chair of the finance department in Ohio University’s College of Business,

Migos to headline #15 Fest

Photo provided by Billboard   After the #Fest lineup was announced a few weeks ago, the grayed-out box on the lineup graphic left attendees wondering who the mystery headliner would be. The headlining artist on the ticket this year is Migos, infamous for its No. 1 song in the country, “Bad and Boujee” (“Raindrop. Drop top…”

20th Century Women Review

Photo provided by Athena Cinema Premise 20th Century Women dissects the lives of a struggling mother and a confused teenage boy and then pieces them back together with the new, spunky people that enter into their lives. Raised in the Great Depression, the mother, Dorothea (Annette Benning), cannot understand why her son, Jamie (Lucas Jade

Ohio University students to vote on campus concealed carry

Photo by Maddie Schroeder Ohio University’s Student Senate opened an online referendum Monday that will allow students to voice their opinions on the potential change to concealed carry laws on campus. The results of the vote will inform the Ohio University Board of Trustees how to proceed regarding new legislation from the state. Senate Bill