Rocky Horror Picture Show Through the Eyes of a “Virgin”

It was a cold and rainy Friday night.  Strangers in lingerie whipped belts all around. We narrowly escaped the virgin sacrifice.

This was Rocky Horror Picture Show seen from the eyes of a newbie, or as they would call it, a virgin.

The Union Bar hosted the traveling show from Oct. 20 to Oct. 22 with students from Ohio University as the actors and actresses.

After trying to make the show on Thursday and getting denied because the bar hit maximum capacity, some friends and I waited in line with determination for two hours on Friday. Sure enough, we made it in the doors before history could repeat itself.

Once the bouncer let us in, a woman in lingerie with a big smile asked, “Is this your first time to the show?” After I responded with a timid “yes,” she took her red lipstick and marked my forehead with a giant ‘V,’ and moved on to the person behind me.

The room was lit with flashing lights from the stage, emphasizing the radical outfits the actors were wearing as they walked around. Music that every college student loves to dance to shook the room while everyone danced and got ready for the big performance.

While everyone else filed in, we found a spot in the growing mosh pit, and the cast weaned out the “virgins” marked with red. Soon after, the director called all of us to perform a sacrifice. We hid our heads as random audience members were plucked one by one by the cast.

Sacrificial act #1: Find a partner with someone random and make out.

Sacrificial act #2: Switch every article of clothing with your partner.

Sacrificial act #3: One partner holds a banana in a select spot, the other must get on their knees and put a condom on it using only their teeth.

Sacrificial act #4: One partner holds an oatmeal crème cake in the same select spot, the other must get on their knees and lick out the crème.

Sacrificial act #5: Whoever is left has to make a choice noise into the microphone.

Let it be noted there may be some acts missing from that description, but the acts 1-5 spoke for the rest of the night.

After the sacrificial rituals kicked off the night, the scene completely changed. Suddenly, there was a movie in the background that I had never seen before. There were actors playing the parts of the characters in the movie with exact timing to the film, with songs and dances only experienced Rocky Horror Show goers would know.

Between the surprises at every scene and the energy of enough people to fill The Union’s capacity flowing through the room, it is safe to say my first time going to the show will not be my last.