Sip of the Week: Donkey’s Butterbeer Latte

Photo by Lilli Sher

Cold weather, impending exams and general fatigue can make anyone crave a reprise. Ohio University students can pretend they’re enjoying a drink in the fictional village of Hogsmeade from Harry Potter with Donkey Coffee’s Butterbeer Latte.

Made with steamed milk, espresso, Irish cream, salted caramel, hazelnut flavoring and sprinkled with cinnamon, the butterbeer latte is a warm and festive drink. The many flavors blend together well. The notes of espresso are well-complemented by the sweetness of the cinnamon and subtle saltiness of the caramel.

The drink does not taste overpoweringly of coffee but rather subtly so, making it an enjoyable drink for both those who do not enjoy the taste of coffee and coffee lovers. The flavors added to the coffee are in harmonious balance with the coffee itself, with not one being too overpowering.

The butterbeer latte, which is Donkey’s Drink of the Month for November, has been “extremely popular,” says Donkey Coffee barista Anika Holland.

“We’ve been selling a lot of them,” says Holland.

To best enjoy the delectable latte, it’s recommended to stir the cinnamon and steamed milk settled on the top of the drink into the rest of the latte so all the flavors mix together well.

For a delicious and seasonable treat, Donkey’s Butterbeer Latte is a hit for seasoned Harry Potter fans and “muggles” alike.


Donkey Coffee is located at 17 1/2 W Washington St.  They can be reached at (740)594-7353 or online at