Sip of the Week: Mint Milkshake at Court Street Diner

Photo by Jessica Rutkowski

The beginning of a new year brings the start of a new semester, and with it, a common goal among the adventurous (and not-so-adventurous) to try new things.

What better way to add some variety to life than heading out to get milkshakes on a random weekday?

Served with a sense of simplicity, the Mint Milkshake from Court Street Diner contains only two ingredients: plain vanilla ice cream and mint syrup.  The absence of whipped cream and a cherry on top doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t need the extra frills and fancies to woo any customer over.

Although the drink isn’t decked out with any lavish accessories, it is certainly a yummy one. The drink is a dull mint color, but its taste is anything but. The luscious texture and mint flavor creates a vibrant combination that will transport anyone who drinks it back to the 1950s, when the diner was the place to be.

“A lot of people like to mix up the flavors, too, so a lot of people get like a mint oreo and then we’ll put crushed up Oreo cookies in it or something like that,” employee Kendra Albers says.

As the amount of milkshake in your glass decreases, do not fear. The waitress gives you the leftover milkshake that wasn’t able to fit in the fancy glass. The extra milkshake is served in a stainless steel malt cup for your continuous sipping.

Taste this sweet sip at Court Street Diner, located at 18 N Court St. Reach them at 740-594-8700.


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