Winter is Here Early for Ohio University

'Game of Thrones' event unites fans and friends at Baker Center.
photo by George Shillcock

As thousands of Ohio University students passed through the Baker University Center escalators Wednesday afternoon, many heard a familiar tune throughout the student center: the Game of Thrones soundtrack.

“Winter is Here,” a new event organized by Ohio University’s University Program Council, was held outside the Baker Theater from 4 to 5:30 p.m. The event featured free food and games with a central theme of the popular HBO series, Game of Thrones. As various songs from the show played, , fans gathered around to celebrate the award-winning series.

“When you come down the escalator you don’t see this part of the building, so the music was a major way in which we intended to attract a lot of students to come,” says Vania De Perio, a UPC event programmer.

As the show progresses to its eighth and final season within the next two years, it has gained an immense amount of awards and a significantly large fan base. Fans of both the TV and book series, “A Song of Ice and Fire” bonded in this event because the television adaptation follows the books so closely.

Alana Abdella, a fan of the show for three years, attended the event because she recognized the Game of Thrones imagery and music.  

“I like how creative [Game of Thrones] is and how it is it’s own world that draws you in,” says Abdella. “I love the Targaryens and how Daenerys is so empowering and doesn’t give a f—.”

This event featured a table of various foods with names inspired by the TV show such as “Little Chicken Fingers,” “Deviled Dragon Eggs,” “Red Wedding Cakes,” “Sansa’s Lemon Cakes” and “Ned Stark Head Pops.”


Attendees had the opportunity to compete for prizes in two mini games. The first was an archery game where players shot arrows at a target board with the show’s character Prince Joffrey Baratheon on it.  The other was a trivia game that quizzed players on their knowledge of character deaths, house mottos and house identities.

Participants were rewarded for their trivia prowess and accuracy with various prizes such as posters, t-shirts, water bottles and keychains.

De Perio and fellow event programmer Caitlin Clay organized this event as a way to bring students, faculty and the Athens community together. There is a possibility more Game of Thrones themed events will occur on campus, but UPC strives to offer uniques events yearly.

“We are still trying to be very creative with our events, but we will see,” says De Perio.

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