You’ve Got Mail…Maybe?

New campus mail system causes issues for students living in residence halls.
photo by Joe Weiner

One of the first things returning students noticed this year was a change in the process of picking up mail. In past years, students picked up mail in their residence halls during a specific time period.

This year Ohio University decided to condense the process by creating centralized locations for each section of campus housing. Students must go to their Green’s mail room between the hours of 12 and 6 p.m. South Green’s mailroom is under Mackinnon Hall, Ryor’s Hall for West Green and Jefferson Hall for East Green.

Centralizing all the mail into three rooms has led to complications for students. One of the main issues is how long the lines are. Freshman Nic Audette recorded his time in line and says it took him 26 minutes to reach the front and receive his package. Many students do not have time in the middle of their day to wait half an hour for mail.

Long lines are not the only issue.  So much mail comes in every day that the mail rooms get days behind on deliveries.

“Especially this time of year, it’s hard to keep up with the influx of textbooks coming in. Students seem shocked when I tell them we are too backed up to give them their mail,” says Junior Brooke Miller, who has worked for South Green’s mail service for three years.

Students haven’t been able to pick up their books until days after they’re delivered, leading to unpreparedness for lectures and missed homework assignments.

“My biggest complaint is having to wait in long lines just for letters,” says Sophomore Megan Kennedy.

Last year students could go to their mailbox at any time of day to pick up delivered letters. In some cases, the backups have caused more serious problems for students.

“My cousin needed to pick up prescription medication and was told the mailroom was too backed up to get it,” Kennedy says.

Students can only hope that as the year goes on, the process will become more routine and efficient.

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