Under the Gun

Photo by Max Catalano Universities in Ohio were recently given the opportunity to choose whether to allow concealed carry weapons on their campuses. Although colleges have handled the issue in a number of ways, Ohio University students and staff had the chance to participate in the decision-making process. Part of the Student Senate Constitution passed

The Drop

Community Moves

photo by Sarah Williams Senior Sydney Sanders spent years training to be a dancer and chose to study dance at Ohio University to improve her technique and skills. But it was her internship with Factory Street Studio (FSS) that inspired her to focus her future on helping young dancers reach their goals. At FSS, a nonprofit dance

Tapping into the Craft Beer Market

Photo by Max Catalano Standing behind the recently installed bar, Sean Kiser lifts a glass marked with the Eclipse Company Store logo to one of the beer taps as “Listen to the Music” by The Doobie Brothers plays in the background. He raises his left arm — appropriately tattooed with the word “home” with the

I Do, OU

The week of their wedding in October 2014, Sarah and Bryan Cassell found themselves driving under the gleam of a double rainbow on their way into Athens from Boston. When the Ohio University alumni took their wedding photos a few days later, a bald eagle flew by a few feet in front of them. Just

Life of the Political Party

  David Parkhill President, Ohio University College Republicans  Junior studying business management   What did the College Republicans do to mobilize voters during the 2016 presidential election season? We register people to vote at meetings, but we realize that Athens is very liberal and that it’s mostly Democrats that we would be registering. … So,

Scenes from the African Dance Technique Flash Mob

African dance is a mixture of movements and music. Within traditional African culture, dance serves a multitude of social purposes, including religious, spiritual and recreational. Each dance communicates the communal values and social relationships of the people. At Ohio University, professors Zelma Badu-Younge and Pascal Younge incorporate the importance of the music as well as

Following Big Footsteps

Photo by Jessica Koynock The forests of Southeast Ohio are home to a variety of common woodland critters, such as squirrels, deer and black bears. But some believe a certain hairy bipedal might also call the region’s wooded areas home. The Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigation (SOSBI) was founded in 2008 by a group of

Old thread, new stitches

Photo by Christian Goode Fast fashion is all the hype. But there’s a way around it. When I was young, my mom shopped at thrift stores for my clothes and would sometimes make things for special occasions. To refresh my memory on all of that, I called her to ask a few questions about an


Lost Flamingo Company Gives a Sneak Peek to Upcoming Season

Photos by Max Catalano Lost Flamingo Theatre Company’s spring productions are right around the corner, with a lineup full of comedy, drama and everything in between. The student-run theatre company opens their new season with an energetic take on a cult classic. Heathers is the ’80s teenage angst movie we know and love brought to

Artists on display at Donkey Coffee

Photos by Autumn Crouse As you walk through the red-framed door of Donkey Coffee and Espresso, you see two square canvases spattered with gold and copper paint accentuating an otherwise ordinary white wall. Upon a closer look, you realize in the center of the canvases are coyote skulls. The artwork are a few pieces from

20th Century Women Review

Photo provided by Athena Cinema Premise 20th Century Women dissects the lives of a struggling mother and a confused teenage boy and then pieces them back together with the new, spunky people that enter into their lives. Raised in the Great Depression, the mother, Dorothea (Annette Benning), cannot understand why her son, Jamie (Lucas Jade

X Ambassadors Deliver an A-Plus Show

Photos by Maddie Schroeder Hundreds of fans gathered in the Templeton-Blackburn Memorial Auditorium on Monday night to see alternative rock band X Ambassadors. The group gained popularity with their single “Renegades” in late 2015, and “Unsteady” is currently on the Top 40 charts. Rock group Northern Faces was successful at getting a seated crowd off

Theater Review: The Ladies Man

Photo provided by Ohio College of Fine Arts Infidelity, the theme of popular television shows such as Scandal, The Good Wife and Mistresses, lends itself as the backbone of story lines to draw in audiences seeking steamy and rebellious entertainment. The “cheating husband that wants to have his cake and eat it too” is a familiar


Set for Nationals

Photo by Maddie Schroeder In 2013, the Ohio University women’s club volleyball team won a Division IAA National Tournament title at the National Collegiate Volleyball Federation Championships in Dallas, Texas. Since that monumental win, the subsequent squads have come to expect that their members will carry on the team’s winning reputation. “I don’t particularly appreciate

Sex & Health

Reproduce, reuse, recycle

Photo by Amanda Damelio Condoms, menstrual products, sex toys and other personal care goods generally have two possible life paths. The products are purchased, used and eventually disposed of. But it’s how they’re disposed of that determines which path they take. It’s impossible not to see the signs. They take up almost every convenient wall


Rocky Horror Picture Show Through the Eyes of a “Virgin”

It was a cold and rainy Friday night.  Strangers in lingerie whipped belts all around. We narrowly escaped the virgin sacrifice. This was Rocky Horror Picture Show seen from the eyes of a newbie, or as they would call it, a virgin. The Union Bar hosted the traveling show from Oct. 20 to Oct. 22 with students