Dazzling the Athens Community

Photo provided by Kate Farr

Photo provided by Kate Farr

Grace Dearing

The Athens community is filled with creative types of all kinds, from business owners to local artists, and Kate Farr, a senior studying organizational communication, is making a name for her brand among them.

Last May, Farr decided to learn how to use wire and beads to create rings. After she received numerous compliments on her work, Farr created a business Instagram (@k8_wire_rings) and started selling her work. Ten months later, Farr’s collection has expanded to include chokers, necklaces and bracelets and she has accumulated a loyal following.

“I’ve gotten orders from most people I don’t know [personally] and outside of Athens, too,” Farr says. “Just through people sharing my stuff I’ve had a lot of customers and repeat customers.”

Farr first had the idea to make wire rings while she was making bracelets at Beads & Things, a favorite local shop amongst her friends. She now returns to the store frequently to purchase the beads that she uses to make her own jewelry.

“Wire is really one of the only things you can hold and form it to the shape that you want, so [the rings] can be manipulated into any different shape,” Farr says. “Whether it be silver, bronze or copper wire, there’s always a stone that looks good with it.” 

Inspired by her own personal style, Farr says she usually looks for bright beads when making new pieces, although when her customers request neutral tones, she is quick to oblige. She wants her accessories to be something her customers can wear on an everyday basis. 

“I think jewelry is art … it’s a creation of mind,” Farr says. “ … Jewelry can complete an outfit.”

Farr’s experience with marketing has helped her turn her name into a professional brand. She has a marketing and journalism minor and works as the marketing manager for Red Bull’s brand promotion on campus. She often offers deals on her jewelry, such as $1 off if a customer posts about their purchase on Instagram and tags her. Farr’s professionalism has even drawn the interest of Pantry Products, a beauty boutique located in Brooklyn, New York. The owner of the boutique purchased a bulk order of Farr’s jewelry and sold every single piece. Farr hopes to sell her work at other boutiques in the future.

“[Making jewelry] is very therapeutic for me,” she says. “I don’t think it’s something I’ll ever stop doing.”