New Streetwear Line Hits Athens

Photo provided by Creamy

Photo provided by Creamy

Jessica Deyo

Creamy, founded by Stephen Barrett, is an eco-friendly clothing brand that gives a second life to thrift store garments with acid wash, pastel tie-dye and hand-painted designs, such as iconography and abstract faces.

Barrett, a senior studying retail fashion, founded Creamy to offer an alternative to typical streetwear, usually meant for skaters. He says his target audience includes art lovers, specifically those involved in the live music scene. 

Barrett says the inspiration for the name Creamy came to him while brainstorming words that convey the same concept as groovy. 

“I can’t think of anything [creamy] that is gross or bad. That’s kind of where the idea came from,” he says. “I like that it catches people’s attention...I think it makes people remember it, which is nice because that’s the whole idea behind promoting a brand is getting[the name] stuck in people’s heads.”

Customers can make purchases through Creamy’s website. There is no shipping charge inside or outside of Athens, and customers can also choose to pick up their purchases themselves. Customers also have the option of having their own clothes personalized.

Creamy strives to be eco-friendly in every step of the process by delivering each product in recycled packaging decorated with Barrett’s original artwork. 

“As a brand, we are trying to create everything behind the brand to get people more interested, so even the package you get is considered artwork as well,” he says. 

Barrett says that Creamy wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren’t for his team that helped drive the idea to where it is now. Every member brings something different to the table.

“It’s really happened over the past couple of weeks where [the brand] formed into this creative team, which is sweet because I think there’s such a benefit by bringing together creative people in an environment and I think that’s originally where I always wanted to go.” he says

Barrett and his team stress that Creamy is more than just a brand; it’s a state of mind. Individuals everywhere should strive to embrace their own personalities and differences. 

“It’s courageous and it can be a daunting task to embrace your individuality,” he says. “But, that’s the idea we are founded upon and a lot of the clothing we’re putting out isn’t subtle, it’s loud, its bold, it’s very bright. We are selling artistic clothing for creative, open minded, charismatic people who want to pursue embracing who they are.”

For more information about Creamy, visit Creamy’s website to shop.