The Secret is Out: Everything to Know About Campus Reps


Jessica Deyo

Just over a week ago, trendy Victoria’s Secret PINK bags were handed out around campus, containing a free pair of panties for anyone who could get their hands on a bag. Such giveaways are compliments of Ohio University PINK representatives.

Megan Shahroozi, a sophomore studying fashion and communication, is proud to represent the university as a one of two PINK representatives on campus.  

“PINK literally targets us: the collegiate girl,” Shahroozi says. “Because PINK is so high in representation, it is easy for girls to remember our name.”

Sarah Arango, a senior studying communication, has been involved with PINK for three years, working two of those years as a PINK representative and one year as a PINK campus team member. Arango says that PINK takes merchandise and caters it to Ohio University to make it more personable for students.

”A campus rep is basically someone who spreads awareness and tries to increase brand loyalty,” Shahroozi says. “For example, we just did a panty party, but besides that we also give [out] coupons you can't get in the store.”

PINK provides coupons and deals for over 100 stores worldwide and also holds 50,000 giveaways each year. The constant promotion would not be possible without the help of over 200 representatives the company carefully selects to insure quality representation. 

“There is an application online to fill out. [You answer] pretty generic questions and submit your resume,” Shahroozi says. “Then, the home office files through and picks out the people they think fit best.”

The process is very selective and typically favors those studying marketing, communication, fashion, advertising, public relations and event planning. PINK also requires representatives to be committed to the brand with a strong desire to advertise and promote sales.

Shahroozi and Arango had previous experiences that benefitted them when applying to become a representative, each of which is unique.

Shahroozi says that it all began when she started her own business, Local Runway, where she would ask local businesses to let her promote their clothes. 

“It’s, like, my dream to be a social media influencer,” Shahroozi says,”I’ve always wanted to do that.” 

After a while, Shahroozi was noticed by bigger names such as Charming Charlie’s, Hollister and PINK. When she heard about an opportunity to get involved on campus, Shahroozi says she applied through PINK and shared her story.

Arango became familiar with what a PINK representative was after hearing about it while talking to her friends. As a sophomore in college, Arango applied to be a part of the campus team.

“A campus team is 8-10 girls who are not reps, but help us out with big events, give us input on social posts, and help with overall planning,” Arango says. “They are really involved on campus and really helpful.”

Every college that has PINK representatives also has a campus team. The girls on the team can fill a variety of positions to help benefit the overall promotion of the PINK brand. 

After the selection process, new PINK representatives are required to attend an all-expenses-paid brand training session to help become familiar with merchandise and promotions. Arango describes brand training as one of her favorite memories associated with being a representative for PINK. 

“The brand training is like two to three days,” Arango says. “We go to Columbus, Ohio, stay in a Hilton hotel, learn about the brand and learn everything we will be doing over the year.”

Shahroozi describes one of her favorite memories as being chased down the street during giveaways. 

Of course, several perks come along with being a representative as well.

“For us, this is not paid but it is super incentive based; they load us up with merchandise,” Shahroozi says. “For the panty party they gave apple watches to the school who did the best.”

Arango shares many perks, one being how much she appreciates getting free merchandise from the company.

Free panties have been proven to unite the Bobcat family, thanks to our campus representatives. PINK representatives go out of their way to provide students with merchandise, coupons and deals guaranteed to promote the company and allow students a chance to show school spirit.